Picture anatomical collection

Anatomical collection


The Institute of Anatomy owns more than 8‘000 human preparations and models. Around 300 anatomical specimens of the human body are presented in the current exposition that is open to students and the public. In addition flexible models made of polyurethane as well as serial sections of various organs and body regions which are embedded in epoxyde resin can be studied by the visitors.

On each specimen the important anatomical structures are labelled by numbers which are explained by adjacent documents or photographic atlases.

The Sectra table in the exposition allows users to easily explore and examine virtual representations of bodies in minute detail. It has a large, multi-touch display, which allows to swipe, scroll, zoom, rotate and navigate inside images as well as remove layers of skin and muscle and virtually dissect the body.

Workplaces are offered to students for independent personal studies. Visitors are asked to consider the opening hours and guidelines provided here.