Research of the gross anatomy unit is conducted together with several clinical collaboration partners and focuses on comparison / validation of innovative imaging techniques with anatomical specimens, development and validation of surgical procedures and basic anatomical studies.

New and innovative anatomical models are also created, for teaching, training and research and development purposes.

Examples of the studies are:

  • The architecture of the quadriceps tendon
  • The venous system of the Dura Mater
  • The femoral entry point in MPFL reconstruction,
  • The accuracy of linear bone measurements of cone beam CT (CBCT) with multidetector CT (MDCT) and validation with intraoral soft-tissue measurements
  • The determination of the best suited sagittal MRI sequence for the assessment of the cortical bone of the mandibular condyles
  • The precision assessment of a targeting device for subtalar screw placement
  • The investigation of anteroposterior knee stability associated with joint degeneration