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Institute of Anatomy

Teams with UZH campus license

1) Sign in with UZH campus license

Please open your preferred browser.


Please open the webpage



Please enter your anatomy mail address.



  • you will be redirected to the login page of the UZH, login with your anatomy mail address or your UZH shortname,
  • the password is your UZH Active Directory password, most probably it is the same as your webmail password.
  • but it can also be that you have set a different password or that you have never set this password
  • you can set a new password for the UZH Active Directory account in the identity manager (


Now either sign in with your UZH shortname...



or sign in with your anatomy mailaddress


2) Setting up the multi factor authentication (MFA)

For additional security you are forced to setup a multi factor authentication (like e-banking). You have multiple options:
•    Microsoft Authenticator app (iOS and Android)
•    Third party OTP applications
•    SMS security code
•    phone call
We recommend using the Microsoft Authenticator app (see 2a) or the SMS security code (see 2b).

After successful login in the previous step you will be forwarded to the MFA settings page.


After clicking on "Next", you will be forwarded to the following page.

We illustrate two options, first the Microsoft Authenticator app (2a), then the SMS security code (2b).

2a) MFA option - Microsoft Authenticator app

On the page shown in the picture, please click on “Next”.



You will be forwarded to a page with a QR code.



For Android phones: please open the Google Play Store.
For Apple phones: please open the App Store.



Please search for “Microsoft Authenticator”.



Please install the Microsoft Authenticator app.



Please launch the Microsoft Authenticator app.
Then skip the introduction of the app.
Please click on the plus button or “Add account”, to add a new authentication.
Finally select “Work or school account”.



Your camera should start, and you need to scan the QR code shown on the webpage on your computer (it might be that the app asks for permission to use the camera).

After successful scan of the QR code you will be forwarded to the next page and you will need to approve the request on your phone.



If you have succeeded, please click on “Next”.



You have now successfully setup the multi factor authentication using Microsoft Authenticator app. You can click on “Done”.


2b) MFA option - SMS security code

Please select “I want to set up a different method”.


Please select “Phone”.



Please select Switzerland (+41) and enter your mobile number.



A code will be sent to the entered mobile number. Please enter this code.

After that, please click "Next".



You have now successfully setup the multi factor authentication using SMS security code. You can click on “Done”.


3) How to work with Teams

For further information about the work with Teams, please refer to the following  page.

Weiterführende Informationen

IT services of the Institute of Anatomy

Please open a new ticket for every incident at the IT helpdesk or send an e-mail. Please always inform us of the name of the computer (e.g. ZDWW001).


Only in urgent cases, you can call
+41 44 63 56060.