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Institute of Anatomy

VPN Virtual Private Network

When do I need a VPN connection?

Whenever you are outside the UZH network and you want

  • to use your anatomy device (laptop) at home, a VPN connection is obligatory.
  • to use the remote desktop service (for example to use specifically licensed software such as Affinity-software, Graphpad prism or Foxit PDF Editor).
  • to have access to your data on the drive of the institute (for example your personal home drive).
  • to have access to paid libraries, journals available at UZH.

How to enable the VPN connection

Please perform a left mouse click on the network icon
at the right hand side of the taskbar.



Then choose "UZH VPN" in the following window:



A left mouse click on "UZH VPN" in this window:



Choose "Connect" in the following window:



Enter your UZH shortname (1), your VPN password* (2) and click Connect (3):

*You find your password in the   Identity Manager


Now you are connected to the VPN.

Installing VPN on your private device

To establish access to the UZH Virtual Private Network please follow the instructions  here.

Weiterführende Informationen

IT services of the Institute of Anatomy

Please open a new ticket for every incident at the IT helpdesk or send an e-mail. Please always inform us of the name of the computer (e.g. ZDWW001).


Only in urgent cases, you can call
+41 44 63 56060.