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Institute of Anatomy

Swiss Cancer League & Swiss Cancer Research funding for Prof. Christian Stockmann and Prof. Lukas Sommer

The Swiss Cancer Research Foundation supports research projects of very different orientation and methodology, but with a relevance to cancer. The best quality projects are selected by a scientific commission in a highly competitive process. Prof. Christian Stockmann as well as Prof. Lukas Sommer were selected for funding in the domain of basic research.

"TGFb signaling in melanoma disease progression and targeted therapy response"
Prof. Lukas Sommer's research goal is to find ways for how to further increase the response to targeted therapy and to prevent resistance formation in melanoma. His group will address a potential role of TGFb signaling in modulating targeted therapy responses, with the goal to develop novel treatment strategies.

"Vaccination against cancer-associated fibroblasts in pancreatic tumors"

Prof. Christian Stockmann aims to target cancer-associated fibroblasts by vaccination to prevent tumor progression and therapy resistance in pancreatic cancer. This could open a new therapeutic avenue and lead to pancreatic tumors responding to classical cancer therapies.