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Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall started as an assistant professor at the Institute of Anatomy in March 2013. In February 2019, he was appointed as associate professor ad personam for Anatomy.

The activities of his research group are focused on the development and application of live imaging approaches, including intravital microscopy, to elucidate dynamic cellular mechanisms of kidney diseases, with the long-term goal of developing new therapeutic strategies. He has a particular interest in the roles of mitochondria in kidney disease pathways.

Andrew Hall studied physiology and medicine at the University of Cambridge, UK, graduating in 2000. After initial junior doctor posts, he specialised in nephrology. He undertook a PhD in renal physiology at the University College London (UCL), and in 2009 was appointed as a Clinical Lecturer at the UCL Centre for Nephrology. He completed his specialist training in nephrology in 2012 and has worked as a consultant nephrologist in parallel to his research work since then.

He is part of the NCCR Kidney.CH and receives additional funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

In the NCCR, his group also serves together with the group of Prof. Johannes Loffing and the Centre for Microscopy and Image Analysis, as an expert platform for histology and microscopical imaging.