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Institute of Anatomy

Epithelial Biology - Kidney and Hypertension

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The general goal of our research is to understand how epithelial transport in the kidneys controls ion balance and how deranged underlying mechanism lead to human diseases including electrolyte disorders and arterial hypertension.

To reach this goal, we take an integrative approach and study pathways and mechanisms that regulate renal epithelial ion channels and transport proteins under various physiological and/or pathophysiological conditions. Experiments are performed in vivo in wildtype and genetically modified mice, ex vivo on isolated perfused organs, renal tubules and kidney tissues preparations, and in vitro on renal cell lines and in heterologous expression systems. Recent work made also use of non-mammalian model systems such as the zebrafish. We use a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art imaging, physiological, molecular and cell biological techniques.

Current projects focus on the identification and characterization of novel candidate genes that control glomerular filtration and epithelial sodium transport. Moreover, we elucidate regulatory mechanisms by which the kidney and other organs cooperate to control potassium homeostasis and blood pressure.

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Prof. Johannes Loffing

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