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Loss of HIF-1α in natural killer cells inhibits tumour growth by stimulating non-productive angiogenesis
Krzywinska E, Kantari-Mimoun C, Kerdiles Y, Sobecki M, Isagawa T, Gotthardt D, Castells M, Haubold J, Millien C, Viel T, Tavitian B, Takeda N, Fandrey J, Vivier E2,8, Sexl V, Stockmann C
Nat Commun. (2017)


Targeting VEGF-A in myeloid cells enhances natural killer cell responses to chemotherapy and ameliorates cachexia
Klose R, Krzywinska e, Castells M, Gotthardt D, Putz E, Kantari-Mimoun C, Chikdene N, Meinecke AK, Schrödter K, Helfrich I, Fandrey J, Sexl V, Stockmann C
Nat Commun. (2016)


Resolution of liver fibrosis requires myeloid cell-driven sinusoidal angiogenesis
Kantari-Mimoun S, Castells M, Klose R, Meinecke AK, Lemberger UJ, Rautou PE, Pinot-Roussel H, Badoual C, Schrödter K, Osterreicher CH, Fandrey J, Stockmann C  
Hepatology (2015)         


Aberrant mural cell recruitment to lymphatic vessels and impaired lymphatic drainage in a murine model of pulmonary fibrosis
Meinecke A-K, Nagy N, D’Amico Lago G, Kirmse S, Klose R, Schrödter K, Helfrich I, Rundqvist H, Theegarten D, Anhenn O, Fischer JW, Johnson RS, Alitalo K, Fandrey J, Stockmann C
Blood (2012)


Deletion of vascular endothelial growth factor in myeloid cells accelerates tumorigenesis
Stockmann C, Doedens A, Weidemann A, Zhang N, Takeda N, Greenberg JI, Cheresh DA, Johnson RS
Nature (2008)