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Vaccination-based immunotherapy to target profibrotic cells in liver and lung
Sobecki M, Chen J, Krzywinska E, Nagarajan S, Fan Z, Nelius E, Monné Rodriguez JM, Seehusen F, Hussein A, Moschini G, Hajam EY, Kiran R, Gotthardt D, Debbache J, Badoual C, Sato T, Isagawa T, Takeda N, Tanchot C, Tartour E, Weber A, Werner S, Loffing J, Sommer L, Sexl V, Münz C, Feghali-Bostwick C, Pachera E, Distler O, Snedeker J, Jamora C, Stockmann C.
Cell Stem Cell (2022)


The transcription factor HIF-1α mediates plasticity of NKp46+ innate lymphoid cells in the gut
Krzywinska E, Sobecki M, Nagarajan S, Zacharjasz J, Tambuwala MM, Pelletier A, Cummins E, Gotthardt D, Fandrey J, Kerdiles YM, Peyssonnaux C, Taylor CT, Sexl V, Stockmann C.
J Exp Med. (2022)


NK cells in hypoxic skin mediate a trade-off between wound healing and antibacterial defence
Sobecki M, Krzywinska E, Nagarajan S, Audigé A, Huỳnh K, Zacharjasz J, Debbache J, Kerdiles Y, Gotthardt D, Takeda N, Fandrey J, Sommer L, Sexl V, Stockmann C.
Nat Commun. (2021)


Resolution of liver fibrosis requires myeloid cell-driven sinusoidal angiogenesis
Kantari-Mimoun S, Castells M, Klose R, Meinecke AK, Lemberger UJ, Rautou PE, Pinot-Roussel H, Badoual C, Schrödter K, Osterreicher CH, Fandrey J, Stockmann C  
Hepatology (2015)         


Aberrant mural cell recruitment to lymphatic vessels and impaired lymphatic drainage in a murine model of pulmonary fibrosis
Meinecke A-K, Nagy N, D’Amico Lago G, Kirmse S, Klose R, Schrödter K, Helfrich I, Rundqvist H, Theegarten D, Anhenn O, Fischer JW, Johnson RS, Alitalo K, Fandrey J, Stockmann C
Blood (2012)

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